Good practice pact

In 2014, care about reducing water related accidents brought together the organizers of the largest summertime events in Estonia who, in collaboration with the Rescue Board, signed a good practice pact. All parties agreed on recommended points in the contract that are at the moment not mandatory by law for public events, but their implementation would help to increase the safety of the visitors and prevent accidents. The points included provision of a breathalyzer test to everyone who wished one, provision of a lifeguard service and denial of alcohol sale to heavily inebriated customers.

The good practice pact was made with events like Pühajärve Bonfire, Viru Folk, The Watergate Water Festival, Surf camp, Tallinn Maritime Days, Saaremaa Beach party, Mändjala Bonfire, Summerjam festival and Kloogaranna festival.

Päästeameti ja Eesti suurürituste hea tahte leppe allkirjastamine