Water safety when boating

Safe boating


  • Notify your friends/family before going boating;
  • Dress according to the weather;
  • Before going on water, make sure that all the safety equipment is on board and functioning, and that all passengers are wearing securely fastened life jackets;
  • Don’t overload the boat;
  • Walk along the centre when entering or exiting the boat;
  • Remain seated on the boat, do not stand up;
  • Don’t rock the boat, don’t jostle or try to push someone into the water;
  • When switching seats, only one person should move at a time, crouch low when moving;
  • Keep the boat balanced and have all the weight in the centre of the boat;
  • If the boat must be entered from the water, enter from the bow or stern;
  • Be weather-wise.

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