How to make bodies of water close to home safe

Most of the drownings occur due to falling or slipping into the water.

In 2017 these accounted for 60% (25 cases out of 42) of all cases. 83% of the drown in home environment were elderly or small children. 12 people drowned in home environment where ditches, pools, ponds, wells, etc. were present. Among them were 3 small children who had been left unattended just for a moment.


Home Ponds

Make the bodies of water near home safe and prevent children’s access with a fence:

The most commonly used fencing material is wood.

  • A wooden fence is preserved better when impregnated with a moisture-resistant agent.
  • Choose the colours of your home parish to paint the fence!
  • Feel free to use flags of different shape and length.
  • Be very careful when using horizontal fence rails as children may use them as a ladder!

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Chain-link fences are mostly used as perimeter fences.

  • Pay attention to secure the base area of the chain-link fence.
  • The fence can be up to 1.5m high, the construction of higher fences should be coordinated with the local government.
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Maintenance of wells

  • If the stone or wooden structure of your well is dilapidated, it could cause a serious accident.
  • Replace the rotten wooden structure or replace the crumbling stones with new ones.
  • Open wells are especially dangerous and should be covered with proper lids!
  • Treat the wood used to repair the well with a waterproofing product.
  • Choose the colours of your home parish to paint the lid and the frames of the well!