Sober Group Leader 2017


For twenty years now, Kuku Radio together with partners have organised the Sober Group Leader (Selge Grupijuht) campaign. This year, for the first time, the Rescue Board will also be taking part of the Sober Group Leader campaign.

Twenty years of continuity and tradition has made the Sober Group Leader the best known social campaign that promotes road safety in Estonia. From 200 sign ups in 1997 to over 2500 responsible people in 2016, the point of the campaign remains the same – those who drive, drive, and those who drink, drink.

All participants receive a Sober Group Leader certificate and a sticker that attest that this person has promised to be the designated driver for their friends during the Midsummer’s Eve celebrations. The Rescue Board appeals to everyone that regardless of their swimming skills, gender or age, a life jacket must be worn on the water at all times, and going on or into water while intoxicated is extremely dangerous. Each person that has signed up to be a Sober Group Leader, has taken the responsibility to fulfil their role throughout Midsummer’s Eve day and the following day. Those who do not fail in their duty, are honourable to themselves and to their friends.

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