Safety vest

A safety vest is meant to be an aid for an adult who knows how to swim. The main advantage of this device is a greater ability of movement, which is why it is most suitable for sporting activities on water. The safety vest is meant for brief times in the water and doesn’t turn the wearer in the correct position as a life jacket does. Therefore it is important to have help nearby when wearing a safety vest. The safety vest does not keep the person on the surface, so the person has to be able to do that themselves.


There are many different kinds of safety vests that are designed for maximum comfort for different water related sports.

For example, there are safety vests that are specifically designed for kayaking, canoing and rafting. These give maximum movement to the arms and have multiple pockets.



There are also specific vests for wakeboarding. These vests fit over the body very tightly and have protective padding. Some wakeboarding vests have extra protection against possible injuries from falling.