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Water safety activity day

Water safety is definitely one of the subjects that touches many people, because Estonia has many bodies of water where people go to swim in, but which have not yet certified as safe for swimming. So water safety became one of the focus themes of 2016 for the immensely popular community activities movement, involving tens of thousands of volunteers.

The team of the Let’s Do It activity day, along with the Rescue Board decided to make water safety as one of the topics of focus, because we can all contribute to prevent tragic water related accidents and a community activity day is a good opportunity to do so.

Both the Rescue Board and the Let’s Do It team encouraged communities to install water safety information boards near their local swimming places, because if an accident should happen, a life ring may prove to be a life-saving piece of equipment.

The subject of water safety turned out to be close to heart to the public as well, because a total of 496 water safety information boards along with rescue equipment were installed in various swimming locations all across Estonia.