Driving on Ice

  • When heading out on the ice, traffic signs on the shore must be observed. Entry and passage ban signs do not lose their validity on ice. Choose an appropriate speed according to conditions.
  • Do not fasten your seat belt, make sure that the doors can be easily opened, and that items in the car do not prevent making a quick exit.
  • Avoid abrupt and unnecessary maneuvers, braking, and acceleration. When approaching unknown places, check beforehand whether it is safe to cross them. In case of doubt, leave the car in a safe distance. Do not park all cars in the same place. When driving with other vehicles nearby, keep to a uniform speed and before stopping, leave your fellow road users enough time to react.
  • Take a charged phone, and a GPS device or a compass with you. Having a snow shovel and tow rope in the boot does not hurt either. Check that your phone book contains all necessary numbers.
  • When on Lake Peipsi, remember to register the beginning and end of you and your friends’ stay. On the first entry, reserve some time for giving the names and dates of birth of all passengers and also the personal identification number of the caller.