On Ice

  • Make sure if the ice is strong enough for you, and keep away from places where it might be thinner.
  • Choose paths already visited – in this way you can be confident that the ice is strong enough.
  • Keep away from ice cracks and openings, as the ice surrounding it is thinner and you might fall through the ice.
  • Never take a ride on an iceberg, and if you see someone doing so, forbid them. The iceberg might easily break and put the persons on it in danger.
  • When you hear ice cracking, leave immediately, as cracks may make your stay unsafe.
  • Avoid being on the ice after dark – you may lose orientation and end up in places with fragile ice.
  • It is usually windy on a frozen body of water. Therefore, it is important to remember that wind makes you feel colder, thus making you cool down faster than in a windless place.
  • Do not drink alcohol to warm up. Alcohol makes you feel warmer, but does not stop the body from cooling down.