Rescuing Others

  • Try not to panic.
  • Dial 112, or make sure someone in the vicinity is calling the number.
  • If possible, approach the person from the side the person was coming from. If you and the other person are of similar weight, this helps to understand where the ice is still strong enough to be traversed.
  • When going to rescue someone, observe the ice – when you hear it crack, the ice is not safe enough.
  • 2-3 meters before the edge of the hole, lie down on your stomach and crawl. In this way you minimize the effect of your weight and avoid falling through the ice yourself.
  • Throw an object towards the victim (a branch, pole, ladder, etc. you have taken with you). Even your jacket will do.
  • If the victim is unable to grip the object due to cold hands, crawl very steadily towards the victim and try to get ahold of him.
  • When you have managed to pull the victim out of the hole, do not stand up, but crawl or roll away from the hole. If the victim is unable to crawl, drag him.
  • Make sure you get somewhere warm, and remove wet clothes as quickly as possible.