Kädli Rooste


Don’t let your drunk friend into the water! In the beginning of summer the Rescue Board reminds you that going into and on the the water while inebriated is extremely dangerous. In 2014, Estonia had a total of 86 deaths by drowning, and over half of the victims (58%) were under the influence of alcohol…. Read more


Be a hero and don’t let your drunk friend into the water! This year’s water safety campaign by the Rescue Board, named “Don’t let your drunk friend into the water” is a reminder to us that no amount of advertising can prevent a drunk person from going swimming, but friends can. The social campaign depicting… Read more

Good practice pact

In 2014, care about reducing water related accidents brought together the organizers of the largest summertime events in Estonia who, in collaboration with the Rescue Board, signed a good practice pact. All parties agreed on recommended points in the contract that are at the moment not mandatory by law for public events, but their implementation… Read more