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A LIFE JACKET SAVES YOUR LIFE The Rescue Board’s water safety campaign continues to raise awareness about the necessity of wearing life jackets in watercraft. The campaign titled “A Life Jacket Saves Your Life” calls people to wear life jackets with pride. Wearing a seatbelt in the back seat of a car is considered the… Read more


WHAT IS ACTIONMETER (TEOMEETER)? The small things that we do cause big problems. Making small promises for yourself, however, help solve problems. Scientists say it is that simple. Teomeeter works by having specialists think through the problems and the small actions that will solve them. You can make achievable promises to yourself and inspire others… Read more

Sober Group Leader 2017

BE FRIENDLY TO YOURSELF AND TO YOUR FRIENDS! For twenty years now, Kuku Radio together with partners have organised the Sober Group Leader (Selge Grupijuht) campaign. This year, for the first time, the Rescue Board will also be taking part of the Sober Group Leader campaign. Twenty years of continuity and tradition has made the… Read more

Self-inflating life jacket

A self-inflating jacket is considered as the most comfortable type of life jacket, since it more closely reminds a harness when put on, but acts as survival equipment when in water. The self-inflating jacket has a small compressed air canister inside which will fill the jacket with air in water. There are two main types… Read more

Life jacket

Life jackets are specifically designed to keep a person unable to swim on the surface for long periods of time. It has a collar that supports the head to provide protection in a case where the person is not conscious after falling in the water (for example an injury, contusion, hypothermia, breathing difficulties and so… Read more

Safety vest

A safety vest is meant to be an aid for an adult who knows how to swim. The main advantage of this device is a greater ability of movement, which is why it is most suitable for sporting activities on water. The safety vest is meant for brief times in the water and doesn’t turn… Read more

Life jackets for pets

When going on the water, one should not forget the safety of one’s pets as well. Life jackets are available for both cats and dogs, to ensure their safety while on the water. As with people, it is important that the life jacket is the correct size for your pet and fastened correctly – that… Read more

Let’s do it

Water safety activity day Water safety is definitely one of the subjects that touches many people, because Estonia has many bodies of water where people go to swim in, but which have not yet certified as safe for swimming. So water safety became one of the focus themes of 2016 for the immensely popular community… Read more

Water safety activity day

Friends with water Learning how to swim is an important part of life for everyone. In order for ever more people to learn how to handle water, the Rescue Board, Estonian Swimming Federation and Estonian Lifeguards’ union started a focused cooperation program. The greater goal is the creation and implementation of an unified standard of… Read more


Love life, wear a life jacket! This year’s water safety campaign “Love life, wear a life jacket!” concentrates on the importance of wearing a life jacket while on a boat or other vessels. 18 people have drowned in boating accidents over the last two years, so the importance of wearing a life jacket is not… Read more